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Frequently Asked Questions

What do demographers do?

Demographers study how human population behave and factors that affect their well-being. They study populations in terms of marriage, fertility, migration, morbidity and mortality. Demographic analysis can be applied to entire societies or to groups defined by criteria such as nationality, religion and ethnicity. Demographic research affects the central aspects of society: housing, education, health care, and business.

What does a certificate in demography do for me?

If you are a graduate student, the Demography Certificate Program will prepare you (and indeed make your applications more competitive) for further study in a wide range of disciplines, as well as in today's workforce. It will enhance marketable skills such as quantitative analysis and statistical programming, and you will gain a competitive advantage by emphasizing the depth of research and methodology tools you bring to academic environments or employers as a result of having completed the Certificate in Demography Program.

If you are a master's level student and either applying to PhD programs or seeking employment, the Certificate in Demography will be included on your academic transcript and can be highlighted to enhance your résumé.  In addition you will receive a separate 'Certificate in Demography' issued by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

If you are employed in the  not for profit or public sector you may be applying demographic tools and concepts as part of your on-going work but could benefit from formal course work that offers a systematic treatment of demography. Planners in state and local government, analysts in the health care and housing industries, and market analysts, are examples of some positions that may benefit from the Demography Certificate Program.

I am not seeking a degree at The University of Utah - can I still get a certificate in demography?

Nonmatriculated (non degree-seeking) individuals may pursue a Certificate in Demography at The University of Utah. You must be admitted to The University as a nonmatriculated student and complete the enrollment requirements for the certificate program.

How do I apply for the certificate program?

It's simple! Visit the enrollment web page. 

I think I have completed the requirements for the certificate, now what do I do?

Fill out the Application for Certificate Completion and submit it to the program manager.  We will notify the registrar's office and they will issue a certificate directly to you.

Last Updated: 3/25/21