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Data and Demography Links

Use the following links to discover data and explore demographic resources.

Population Centers – U.S. Academic

Bowling Green State University. Center for Family and Demographic Research

Brown University. Population Studies and Training Center

Cornell University. Population and Development Program

Florida State University. Center for the Study of Population

Georgetown University. Center for Population and Health

Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies

Johns Hopkins University. Hopkins Population Center

Ohio State University. Initiative in Population Research

Penn State University. Population Research Institute

Princeton University. Office of Population Research

SUNY Albany. Center for Social and Demographic Analysis

University of California, Berkeley. Center for the Economics and Demography of Aging - CEDA

University of California, Berkeley. Department of Demography

University of California, Los Angeles. California Center for Population Research

University of Chicago. Population Research Center - PRC

University of Colorado. Population Aging Center

University of Hawaii. Population Studies Program

University of Maryland. Center on Population, Gender and Social Inequality

University of Michigan. Population Studies Center

University of Minnesota. Minnesota Population Center

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Carolina Population Center

University of Pennsylvania. Populations Studies Center

University of Texas at Austin. Population Research Center

University of Utah. Certificate in Demography

University of Washington. Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

University  of Wisconsin-Madison. Center for Demography and Ecology

Utah State University. Population Research Laboratory

Last Updated: 3/25/21