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Demography Certificate Faculty

The Certificate in Demography faculty teach courses included in the program and/or mentor student projects. They reflect the interdisciplinary nature of demographic studies and demonstrate the wide range of topics available in demography.

Faculty Name Academic Credentials Research Agenda / Interests
Yong Cai Ph.D. University of Washington Dr. Cai's research interests include social demography (fertility, mortality and sex ratio), comparative historical sociology, demographic methods, research methodologies, social change and bureaucratization, Chinese society, and sociology of health.
Marlene Egger Ph.D. in statistics, Stanford University, 1979 Dr. Egger's research interests include access to health care for children, healthy aging, and primary care practice redesign.
Jessie Fan Ph.D. Ohio State University, 1993 Dr. Fan's research interest is in household financial behavior including household expenditure, saving and borrowing.
Vincent Fu Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles 2003; M.A. University of California, Los Angeles 1997; B.A. Princeton 1995 Dr. Fu works as a sociologist and social demographer and studies racial and ethnic inequality in the United States. His research examines the incidence and consequences of racial and ethnic intermarriage and his interests also include immigration, marriage, mathematical demography, and statistics.
Kim Korinek Ph.D. University of Washington 2002; M.A. University of Washington 1997 Dr. Korinek's work examines migration and household economy in the developing world, specifically in Southeast Asia. She is also interested in how demographic events, such as migrations and births, impact upon individual life course trajectories, household economy and gender relations.
Lori Kowaleski-Jones Ph.D. Sociology, The Ohio State University, Postdoctoral Fellowship, Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University Dr. Kowaleski-Jones has focused her research on how children are affected by family structure, neighborhood context, and public policy. Currently, Kowaleski-Jones has been studying the determinants of youth energy balance.
Thomas Maloney Ph.D. University of Michigan 1992 Dr. Maloney studies U.S. economic history, focusing on migration, racial and ethnic inequality, and labor market ourcomes in the 20th century. Currently he is developing new work on immigration and internal migration in the 1990s and early 21st century.
Pam Perlich   Dr. Perlich specializations include Utah demographics, applied regional economic studies, and economic and demographic modeling.
Ken Smith Ph.D. Cornell University 1982 Dr. Smith's research addresses questions regarding human longevity. As a biodemographer, he is interested in the inter-relationships between socioeconomic, genetic and biological forces that effect survival and health risks and how these associations are patterned in multigenerational families. Dr. Smith teaches multivariate statistics (FCS6110) and demographic methods (FCS6120).
Joseph Stanford M.D. University of Minnesota 1998; M.S.P.H. University of Missouri - Columbia 1993 Dr. Stanford's research interests include day-specific probabilities of conception, the clinical and demographic implications of fertility awareness, reproductive intentions, sexual behavior, pregnancy, and pregnancy outcomes.
Michael Timberlake   Dr. Timberlake's research interests and specializations include urbanization and globalization: socioeconomic outcomes in cities in relation to their insertion in global networks. he also studies rural community development in the Mississippi Delta.
Norm Waitzman Ph.D. American University Dr. Waitzman is a health economist with research concentrations in the areas of the societal burden of illness including the costs of illness and evaluations of interventions, and the socioeconomic determinants of health.
Rebecca Utz Ph.D. University of Michigan Dr. Utz's research includes aging (widowhood, caregiving, disability) and health/epidemiology (obesity, diabetes, and heart disease). Focus on America.
Ming Wen Ph.D. University of Chicago Dr. Wen's research focuses on social inequalities in health-related outcomes. She is currently working on projects examining how neighborhood contexts, race/ethnicity, and health are linked together.
Nick Wolfinger Ph.D. Unviersity of California Los Angeles Dr. Wolfinger's research focuses on social demography, marriage and divorce, stratification, work-family.
Ikuho Yamada Ph.D. University of Buffalo 2004; M.E. University of Tokyo 1999; B.E. University of Tokyo 1997 Dr. Yamada specializes in spatial statistics, space-time analysis, geographic information sciences and their application to public health and other demographic studies.
Zhou Yu Ph.D. University of Southern California Dr. Yu was trained in urban planning and his current research is on how immigrants have adapted to the U.S. housing market. His research pertains to residential mobility, housing choices, and immigrant assimilation.
Cathleen Zick Ph.D. Cornell University 1982 Dr Zick's research interests include household time allocation, household structure and economic well-being, and family/consumer policy. Her current research focuses on (1) the income distribution consequences of housework, (2) adolescent and adult time use and energy balance issues. She directs the master of public policy program and teaches courses on families, consuemrs, and health (FCS 5430) and policy and program evaluation (PUBPL 6563).
Zachary Zimmer Ph.D. University of Michigan, Department of Sociology and Population Studies Center Dr. Zimmer studies issue related to the demography of aging. One of his main interests is how rapid social and economic change impacts the wellbeing of older people in developing countries. 
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