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Demography Certificate Courses

The Demography Certificate Program at The University of Utah is designed for graduate students, especially those majoring in the social and health sciences. It is also designed for non-matriculated students seeking to enhance their skill set in demography. Students enroll in a sequence of courses which provide an overview of methods, materials and issues in demography. The certificate will complement many degree programs, especially sociology, economics, geography, public health, public policy and interdisciplinary social sciences. Students who wish to enroll may apply any certificate courses which they have already completed, providing that the grade earned for any such course is at least C-.

Required Courses

15 Semester Credit Hours

The Demography Certificate course curriculum is shown below. In addition to the three core courses (nine semester credit hours), you will complete one "special topics" course (three semester credit hours), and work with a faculty mentor to complete an independent research project or internship (three semester credit hours). Matriculated graduate students should take courses at the 6000 level, nonmatriculated students can take courses at the 5000 or 6000 level.

Introductory multivariate statistics, through linear regression, preferrably with exposure to statistical software, is a prerequisite for the certificate program.

All done with your coursework? Once you have completed all of the requirements for the Certificate, please send us the Completion Form.

Required Core Courses
(3 classes for 9 Credits) 




Choose one:

  • Database Theory & Design (usually offered spring semester) IS 6420
  • Graduate Multivariate Statistics (usually offered spring semester) FCS 5110 or 6110
  • Applied Quantitative Methods in Public Policy (usually offered fall semester) PADMN 6290
  • Other graduate level statistics class that covers multiple regression. Proof of passing grade (C-or better) and copy of syllabus will have to be submitted to the program manager for approval.

Note: Students may complete four of the cour courses listed above and count one core as the special topics elective course.

Special Topics Electives
(1 class for 3 Credits)

The semesters in which elective courses are offered vary. Please consult the University Course Catalog and Schedule for information.


  • Divorce and Remarriage FCS 5280
  • Families and Social Policy FCS 5200 or 6200
  • Maternal and Child Health FPMD 6958 (special topics course)


  • Families, Consumers, and Health FCS 5430



Required Research Project 
(3 Credits)

Independent Research Study - Students register individually with their project faculty mentor. Once  enrolled in the demography program set up a meeting with the program director to discuss this project. 

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